'I wish to be a big advocate for Schwamborn ...

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11 Mar 2016

'I wish to be a big advocate for Schwamborn ...

650mm floor grinderProductive, powerful, proven - that's Schwamborn Concrete floor grinders.

It’s the Schwamborn DSM650S Planetary Grinding machine that has taken hundreds of concrete floor polishing contractors to a new level.

Concrete floor polishing is everywhere, it’s growing. Take a look around at Bunnings floors, Masters a number of chain stores, and new shop fit outs. The question is what is the best ... ..

machine to polish concrete floors, what machine it is that gets the best production for concrete floor polishing?

One of our valued clients gave feedback we’d like to share,

‘’ This is not a cheap Chinese machine. I wish to be a big advocate for Schwamborn here in Australia''

‘’The reason I bought Schwamborn came down to,

  • Quality German engineering / construction
  • Powerful and heavy
  • Saddle weights
  • Simple design features and functionality
  • Small and compact 650 machine
  • Robustness’’

high gloss polished concretepolished concrete floor grinder





The team running this powerful three phase machine, has a professional concrete polishing business in Melbourne, VIC and is creating amazing polished concrete floors. Take a look at a number of high performance, high gloss concrete floors here,


Talk to the All Preparation Equipment team today about how you can make an impact in your concrete floor preparation or polishing industry. From over 85 years’ experience, Schwamborn Grinders have been designed with the operator in mind making every floor grinding project easier than anyone has thought it ever to be.

Call 1800 422 992 to discuss your specific project today.