Level your floors on time with the right application tools

Floor Levelling & Coating Application

22 Sep 2016

Level your floors on time with the right application tools

mapei - levelling floors on time, every timeSelf leveling needs to be fast, efficient and done right the first time, that's why you need to ensure your using the right floor level product, the right mixer and the right tools to apply. Here's a basic guide on some . ..


Partnering the Portamix Hippo mixer, Mapei Self levelling flooring compounds and the Coating and Self levelling application tools make the tough job easy.

It’s often a question asked, what is the best tool, rake or trowel to use in self-levelling with Ardex, Mapei, Sika, Parchem, Lanko, Construction Chemicals or any other floor leveller (self-levelling) compound.

Before laying any carpet, vinyl or timber floor covering it’s essential that you have an absolutely FLAT and SOUND concrete subfloor. As a part of this it is essential your floors a primer is ued prior to applying the floor levelling compound.

From bulk fill products including the Mapei UC Leveller through to Mapei Ultraplan, Ardex K12 or K15 common floor leveling products we’ve put together brief notes on the Application tools and rakes used for application of these products.


Pin Level Rakes

RoundPinRakeMost popular rake used for floor levelling compounds in floor leveling, repairs, patching and topping. Best with lower viscosity materials. Being a very universal rake the pins can be raised and lowered to meet the requirement for large floor toppings or thin screeds / feathers or floor levelling.




Wire Gauge Rakes

Wire Gauge rake Coating Application Ardex MapeiWorks well on lower viscosity floor levelling compounds and materials. Strong spring steel gauge wires are a loop shape to eliminate chatter or vibration





Triglide Rake with Triglide gliders

cam gauge rake
Simple rake to use, and works best for self levelling compounds. Gives a fast, effective application of products. Easily replace triglides for varying thickness floor level product you need to apply.




Solid Notched Application Rake

COA-R26004Accurately applies the floor leveller to the required thickness. These work best when applying to a flat surface underneath as the steel notch doesn’t have any give on an uneven floor.





Flexible Shoe-In Spiked Shoes

Working over wet floor levelling compounds needs to be accurate and precise to ensure teh floors are levelled to the Australian standard or spec for the job. Flexible SHOEIN Spiked shoes allow you to step your boot right in and work away. Applying epoxy floor coatings, self levelling, bulk fill or patch and repair compound has never been easier.


Immediately after putting Shoe-In Spikes on your feet, you’ll notice you have increased stability and added flexibility when you do need to bend over or kneel down. Applying epoxy floor coatings with spiked shoes has never been easier. You’ll love Shoe-In Spikes and toss away those old plastic spikes of yesteryear.

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