Lifting vinyl floor coverings is easy with the Razorback Extreme

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12 Jul 2016

Lifting vinyl floor coverings is easy with the Razorback Extreme

GC Razorback Floor Removal1There is so many ways to remove floor coverings. As anyone who's done it would know it's a tough job lifting flooring by hand, using a scraper, blade or your own strength, which is why machines and equipment have been designed to make the process a fast, easy and effective one. ..



Razorback ExtremeThe Razorback Floor lifter is one of the most streamlined ways of removing small to medium floor areas quickly.

With a number of different features these machines can easily have the blade adjusted to an angle that gives a fast consistent lifting of the floor covering, getting the floor as clean as possible ready to grind or prepare it for the new floor covering to be laid.

Razorback Extreme lifters are a push along machine and allow you to interchange the blade from a flat, bevelled or wing blade depending on the application. Mostly with Vinyl floor covering removal a winged blade is used so that it can rip or slice the product from the floor as it works.

Wanting to discuss ways of removing your floor coverings faster?
Lifting carpet tiles, vinyl or carpet sheeting, linoleum, coatings, adhesives, waterproofing membranes of epoxies this machine has done it all.

Floor lifting should be a job you love – it’s easy with the right tools on hand. Talk to our team today on 1800 422 992 to discuss the frustrations you’ve been having to remove floor coverings.

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