Line removal success with the Schwamborn DSM250

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6 Apr 2015

Line removal success with the Schwamborn DSM250

Line removal with the Schwamborn DSM250 grinder Our client was contracted to remove all marking lines from the Indooroopilly Westfield Shopping Centre carpark. It was a huge job – and working in an operational shopping centre meant this was definitely a time-critical project.

This line marking team needed a line removal machine which would give them the best productivity for line removal, as well as the best possible finish on concrete. 

Time is money. So with any concrete line removal and preparation project, you need a machine that will give you the fastest possible production in terms of lineal metres/hour.

Before meeting All Preparation Equipment and seeing our range of Schwamborn floor grinders, these line removal contractors had trialled several different line removal machines in search of the ultimate machine for productivity. These included an attachment on a ride-on concrete surface profiler (to the value of over $50,000), and another brand of 250mm concrete grinder hired from a specialist concrete hire company.

Putting each machine to the test, it became obvious which solution had the best production for concrete line removal.

DSM250 concrete grinder line removalconcrete grinder line removalLine removal with concrete floor grinder






Line removal alternatives give varying results

Not surprisingly, three such different line removal machines gave the line marking contractors three very different levels of productivity!

The ride-on machine performed well, but left multiple gouges in the concrete carpark surface once the lines were fully removed. That meant a follow up with a grinding machine was needed, which obviously had a big impact in reducing overall productivity in terms of lineal metres/hour.

Next in line - the hired 250mm grinding machine - proved to be far less successful, resulting in only minimal metres per hour being removed. These guys were simply weren’t getting the finish and speed they needed – but luckily, the Schwamborn DSM250 grinder wasn’t far away!

concrete grinder for line removalgrinding concrete edges with DSM250 grinderbest way to do line removal





Schwamborn’s DSM250 offers faster line removal

The line removal project was falling behind schedule when Chris and Phil from All Preparation Equipment were called to the site. After a look at the job and equipment being used for line removal, they didn’t hesitate to recommend the Schwamborn DSM250 floor grinder as the ideal machine for the job.

The All Preparation Equipment team supplied a variety of diamond grinding shoes, ranging from PCD diamonds through to high speed knock-on diamond shoes, to determine which would work best and what m2 rate they could achieve the fastest, with the most desirable finish.

The results were simply outstanding.

Production output was more than doubled – and the line removal project was soon back on schedule for completion.

Diamond wheel removes concrete line markingsRemove line marking from concrete
Concrete line marking removal with super fast productivity

Perhaps the best testimonial of all is that, once All State Linemarking trialled the Schwamborn DSM250 concrete grinder on site, they immediately ordered two units for their own fleet to ensure they wouldn’t be caught short again!

“The combined efforts of the alternative 250mm concrete floor grinder, an attachment on a “popular ride-on” concrete surface profiler, and hand held angle grinders, managed just 140m of production across an 8 hour shift,” said Aaron from All State Line Marking. “By contrast, the DSM250 Schwamborn floor grinder smashed records, doing 160m in only 2½ hours.”

“We’re absolutely stoked by that performance on such a time critical project.”

Dust control packages to keep the team working

Of course, working fast meant making dust fast. But with a job site in the middle of an active shopping centre carpark, an effective dust control system was needed to keep dust and debris away well from the public and other contractors while they worked.

All Preparation Equipment provided two complete dust control vacuum packages, featuring the 50L Starmix self-cleaning vacuum, to complement their new Schwamborn DSM250 concrete grinders. These dust extraction systems came complete with all the hoses and connections All State needed to get started – and with the Starmix vacuum’s ‘electromagnetic clean’ function, it provided the efficient dust control the project required.

All Preparation Equipment’s expert team can provide the solutions you need for greater productivity on your next job. Get in touch online or call us now on 1800 422 992 for advice and assistance.