Maintaining polished concrete, the how to maintain the shine

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10 Nov 2017

Maintaining polished concrete, the how to maintain the shine

The question is often asked, ''what I use to clean my polished concrete floor?'' Everything needs maintenance. Carpets, vinyls, timber, tiles all have different methods and recommendations to clean – so does Polished Concrete.

Crete Colors International have developed a product, C2 Maintenace, designed specially for cleaning and maintaining polished concrete floors. Regular upkeep on Polished Concrete Floors is vital to extend the lifetime of the concrete and reducing costs of re-treatment or application. Alongside this C2 Maintenance is the one of the only products on the market that is specially formulated with Lithium for conservation of concrete surfaces.




A commitment has been made to testing, trialing over the past years to ensure the success of the application of this product to get the best results out of your Polished Concrete flooring investment and increase the surfaces’ longevity.

What is C2 Maintenance?

• A unique, proprietary concentrated lithium based cleaner

• Designed for concrete floors treated with Lithium Hardeners

• Contains Lithium Hardener-Densifier to help maintain the concrete’s hardness. Perfect for use in all indoor applications especially retail stores, warehouses, manufacturing, warehouses through to shopping centres, showrooms, restaurants, cafes and schools.

• Can be used as an effective maintenance cleaner for almost any concrete floors including those treated with postassium or sodium silicates / densifiers.

General cleaning is still recommended with a vacuum, mop or scrub of the floor but it is essential not to just use any old cleaner from the store as some are too harsh for the sealer application that has been made and over time will wear away the concrete sealer finish.