Mixing large volumes of floor levelling compound - easier than ever

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7 Jan 2015

Mixing large volumes of floor levelling compound - easier than ever

Mix large volumes of floor levelling compound with the 80LMegaPortamix Hippo Mixer

Do you ever wish that you could mix and cover up to 1000 square metres in less than an hour? Or simply just get home earlier? Now you can, with the new Mega Portamix Hippo 80.

With a 160kg capacity it’s the biggest portable tipping mixer on the market, and can mix six 20kg bags of floor level in around seven minutes. It’s easy to mix large volumes with the three-step process – so you can get the job done in record time! 

Floor Levelling Compound

The Mega Hippo 80 helps increase your profit 

Why is getting the job done quickly so important? Well, as a contractor, you are paid for the completion of the entire job – not the time it takes to mix bags of floor levelling compound. This means that the longer it takes to mix, the less money you’ll earn, which is how using the Mega Hippo Portamix can help you increase productivity and profit.

Some companies even find that the Mega Hippo helps them reduce the number of contractors they need on each job, which means they only have the one-off payment for the machine instead of paying employees by the hour – increasing hourly productivity while decreasing labour costs.

As easy as 1, 2, 3

Using a handheld mixer to prepare floor levelling compound is tiring, back breaking work. The Mega Hippo Portamix makes even big jobs easier by saving you time and effort. To mix up a load, simply:

Portable Mixer for Floor Levelling compound

1) Add water

2) Add the powder, and mix for seven minutes

3) Pour straight on the floor!

The result? An excellent finish with minimal effort – so you can maximise efficiency without having to compromise on quality.
The professional’s choice

Contractors all over Australia are discovering the benefits of the revolutionary Mega Portamix Hippo 80L .

As Managing Director of All Preparation Equipment, explains: “We’re getting rave reports from customers who have been using handheld mixers or smaller capacity mixers and have switched to the Mega Hippo. They can’t believe how much they can get done in such a short time period – giving them the edge over their competitors in the industry.”

Floor levelling compound

“At All Preparation Equipment, we have a convenient ‘hire to buy’ option on the Mega Hippo Portamix, and are happy for any contractors out there who aren’t quite sure if it’s right for them to get in touch and give it a try. In our experience, those who try it will love it, which is testament to its ability to help you work faster, better and smarter.”


Suited to use with most Floor Levelling compounds and products to ensure the perfect finish on your floor !

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