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C2 Protector Concrete Floor Sealer - frequently asked questions

C2 Protector is a water based sealer which was redeveloped a few years back to help make it easier and more cost effective to produce and ship worldwide. With this improvement there has been an increased coverage rate meaning the product cost has a lower cost per m2 for every project application.


13 Nov 2020

Cleaning of polished concrete floors, critical steps to getting it right

Thank you for selecting the Crete Colors, C2™ System.  We feel that your expectations for a sustainable floor will be met with our system.  However, the key...


3 May 2020

The Most Hygienic Bin in the World for health, food processing and manufacturing.

Coronavirus Waste Disposal - is this really the most hygienic in the world? When it comes to less handing of rubbish, food waste, paper towel, and other...


9 Apr 2020

In waste management we've found a way to use 70% less plastic than a traditional bag

Manufactured in Sweden for over 30 years, the unique Longopac solution is a flexible and continuous bagging system. Longopac is efficient, hygienic and...


9 Apr 2020

Hire concrete preparation equipment from a trusty fleet.

In, on and around the construction site there is many equipment requirements. In 2020 things are moving quickly and we are determined to help support you...


30 Mar 2020

Dust has always been a hazard and always will be. The key is controlling it on your sites.

Dust has always been a hazard on construction sites. A large volume of dust is created when you cut, drill, grind or treat building materials such as...


20 Mar 2020

3 Effective Ways to Control Dust in Your Worksite

Dust is more than just a nuisance in worksites – often, it’s also a health hazard.

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25 Nov 2019