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C2 Protector Concrete Floor Sealer - frequently asked questions

C2 Protector is a water based sealer which was redeveloped a few years back to help make it easier and more cost effective to produce and ship worldwide. With this improvement there has been an increased coverage rate meaning the product cost has a lower cost per m2 for every project application.


13 Nov 2020

5 Tips for Keeping Your Worksite Clean and Serviceable

Having a clean and organised worksite is more than just for appearances.

all prep

25 Nov 2019

Technical Air Pressure information for your concrete scabblers, and pneumatic power tools

Trewlawny Surface Preparation tools and equipment - Air pressure information, 


5 Nov 2019

Why Dust Extraction is Important – 6 Reasons to Get Proper Dust Control ASAP

If there’s one thing we see many builders and teams often fall short on, it’s proper dust extraction.

Dust control is critical to any worksite.


25 Oct 2019

Get The Most Comfortable, Multi-Purpose Edge Grinder For Professionals

Tired of being down on the ground, smashing your hands and knees when polishing concrete floors?

15 Oct 2019

Slurry Solutions creating more efficient solutions for control onsite

Moving into 2019 the concrete polishing, grinding,...


3 Sep 2019