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Financing options for your investment.

From a start-up company, a franchise division or established company, our client approvals are fast, easy and simple to have processed for your upgrade of concrete floor grinding, preparation or polishing gear. 

9 Feb 2019

Shoey - DSM250 she's killing it

Another testament to making tough jobs easy. Schwamborn Grinders


Another fleet of Schwamborn

Another Schwamborn Fleet out the door, why don't you try one, and see why so many people are now converting over to system Schwamborn for their Floor...

Meet the Pelican,

Meet Pelican. Pelican is a transport cart for the Hippo. It also has a motor mount, motor and long series paddle to fit to make it into that all purpose...

Coating concrete floors now even easier with Flexible spiked shoes

With hundreds of contractors across Australian and New Zealand now wearing these newly developed Flexible Spiked shoes for coating and epoxy floor...

VJs' flor prep post

Wishing the pool was full of water! Schwamborn 650s making sure this isn't too much of a grind today! All Preparation Equipment #concretegrinding #floorprep...