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C2 Protector Concrete Floor Sealer - frequently asked questions

C2 Protector is a water based sealer which was redeveloped a few years back to help make it easier and more cost effective to produce and ship worldwide. With this improvement there has been an increased coverage rate meaning the product cost has a lower cost per m2 for every project application.


13 Nov 2020

Schwamborn DSM250 releases the on demand Stand up Edge Grinding for ease and speed

Tired of back breaking work to grind , prepare and...

29 Aug 2019

Preparation done right is the key to your success.

As Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.’


22 Aug 2019

Game changing the wet grinding, polishing, and cleaning process onsites

In today's fast paced industry for construction, concrete and flooring a large number of contractors are turning their dry processes to WET - adding water...

19 Jun 2019

Slurry used on a polished floor

Slurry Solutions Stopping Dust & Saving Time

The concrete polishing, grinding, drilling and cutting industry is ever evolving.

11 Jun 2019

schwamborn machinery

SCHWAMBORN to present a globally unique innovation at Bauma

The new WDS 530 is a global first and is a finalist in the bauma Innovation Award competition.

6 Jun 2019