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Your faster, more economical system to polishing larger sqm floors - C2 Power Polish system is here.

C2 Power PolishTM is an easy-to-use grinding and polishing system which adapts to a variety of floor machines, creating a fast and complete process to finish a concrete surface. Utilizing our superior quality and unique design C2 Diamonds, you can now polish a floor up to 1,000 m2 / 10,000 ft2 in a single day using an ordinary power trowel.


30 Oct 2020

Upgrade your Satellite 380 Grinder to an ultimate production machine

Do you own a Satellite 380 floor grinder, and found it too passive to cut and grind?

VJs' flor prep post

Wishing the pool was full of water! Schwamborn 650s making sure this isn't too much of a grind today! All Preparation Equipment #concretegrinding #floorprep...

Coating concrete floors now even easier with Flexible spiked shoes

With hundreds of contractors across Australian and New Zealand now wearing these newly developed Flexible Spiked shoes for coating and epoxy floor...

Backup service, beyond the point of sale

Flooring Equipment tough enough for the Hire and Rental Industry.

Hippo Mixers helping hospitals

It’s all happening at Lismore Hospital. Here’s another 2 Portamix Hippo Mixers on their way to prep the floor.

Floor prep in the Jupiters massive resturant refurbishment

Congratulations to Buildcorp on the project at the Garden Kitchen and Bar - Jupiters Casino on the Gold Coast.