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C2 Protector Concrete Floor Sealer - frequently asked questions

C2 Protector is a water based sealer which was redeveloped a few years back to help make it easier and more cost effective to produce and ship worldwide. With this improvement there has been an increased coverage rate meaning the product cost has a lower cost per m2 for every project application.


13 Nov 2020

Another office fitout in the heart of the Brisbane

In the heart of the brisbane city, another commercial office fitout is soon to be underway.

5 Nov 2018

Getting creative with C2 Colour and Tint

Tom Schulz and Daniel De Wit aren’t your ordinary concrete contractors.

They’re not really your ordinary anything.

29 Oct 2018

Crete Colors International introduces an improved repellent for concrete floors

A new solvent-based alternative to Crete Colors Internatoina's popular Concrete Protector offers more powerful and robust initial water-beading and...

16 Oct 2018

‘’PCD’s are the bomb ripped that coating off really well’’

When time is of the essence on a government bridge concrete coating - resurfacing project it’s all about the diamonds, the machines and an awesome team of...


15 Oct 2018

Concrete floor grinding done right with the Remote 650RC

When comes time to turn around a commercial fitout project quickly,...

8 Oct 2018