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Slurry Solutions Stopping Dust and Saving Time

The concrete polishing, grinding, drilling and cutting industry is ever evolving.

11 Jun 2019

Dustcontrol since 1972, with concrete vacuums and air purifiers

Being a leading importer of quality equipment and tooling, All Preparation Equipment has partnered with the reliable and trusted, Dustcontrol.

14 Apr 2018

Another success story with Dustcontrol

Reduce dust levels in the ar to a minimum by putting suction casings on all machines and connect them to Dustcontrol’s dust extractors.

14 Apr 2018

FLEX Giraffe® – globally the No. 1 for wall and ceiling sanding systems.

The most easy-to-handle FLEX Flextool Giraffe® ever.

9 Apr 2018

Maintaining the shine on your mechanically polished concrete floors

Crete Colours International has developed a range of maintenance and cleaning products to be used on any polished concrete flooring surface to maintain,...

4 Apr 2018

Your guide to concrete floor grinding with Schwamborn diamond shoes

As no two projects are the same – so sometimes getting the right speed is tough – Contact our team anytime on 07 3217 9877 to make your TOUGH JOBS EASY!

4 Apr 2018

Tips on diamond tooling and getting the best out of your diamonds.

Diamond tooling plays a large part in getting the most out of your concrete floor grinding machine.

4 Apr 2018