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Slurry Solutions Stopping Dust and Saving Time

The concrete polishing, grinding, drilling and cutting industry is ever evolving.

11 Jun 2019

Happy Easter holidays from the team at All Preparation Equipment!

We’ve got our Easter Bunny ears on and setting sail for the long weekend!

29 Mar 2018

Raving fans on the Mega Hippo Mixer Portable Mixing Station

When the Portamix Hippo Mixing station was first introduced it’s whole aim was about speeding up production and performance as well as getting a consistent...

29 Mar 2018

What are the benefits of lithium based densifiers and concrete hardeners?

Lower viscosity and alkalinity allows C² lithium hardeners to achieve deeper and more complete penetration. 

29 Mar 2018

3 reasons why your commercial project needs polished concrete flooring

Concrete flooring is everywhere; it’s under just about every floor you walk on.

Kellie West

27 Mar 2018

What is mechanically polished concrete?

Mechanically polished concrete is a beautiful, impressive flooring finish that retains it’s impression and lustre  and hardness without any polyurethane...

6 Mar 2018

Are you starving your tools?

Power is the one thing you simply can’t do without, and it needs to be portable, practical and powerful – when you need it.

3 Mar 2018