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C2 Protector Concrete Floor Sealer - frequently asked questions

C2 Protector is a water based sealer which was redeveloped a few years back to help make it easier and more cost effective to produce and ship worldwide. With this improvement there has been an increased coverage rate meaning the product cost has a lower cost per m2 for every project application.


13 Nov 2020

Concrete placement and finishing best practices for polished concrete flooring

Getting a perfect polish, starts before you actually arrive on site.

7 Jun 2018

Shotblasting for heavy concrete surface profiling

The shot blasting process has been around for over 100 years and Blastrac was the inventor of the first mobile shot blasting machine in the early 80’s.

Madeline Cowles

5 Jun 2018

Maintaining the shine on your polished concrete floors

Finished Concrete Floors contain reactive sites where calcium hydroxide has been exposed even after the initial finishing. Calcium hydroxide is produced...

1 Jun 2018

Dustcontrol technology's leading edge in the concrete dust control industry

Removing dust from the workplace is not just a working environment and health issue, it is also a business issue. The cleaner the working environment, the...

24 May 2018

Raving fans from training with Pyrafloor polished concrete training academy

It’s always good to know your customers are having success after spending 2 days of comprehensive training with them creating lasting impressions with a...

10 May 2018

Maximizing your potential through polished concrete training

We all know polishing concrete floors is not always as easy and simple as it seems. Every concrete floor is different, every concrete floor polishes up...

10 May 2018