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DOP Testing for filters, vacuums, air cleaners and blowers


What is DOP Testing? 

DOP Stands for Dispersed Oil Particulate test, which is required to meet the Australian standard (IEC60335.2.69 section AA.22.201.2).

A DOP Test is a test that gives the facts about the efficiency of a tool or equipment's filters. 

The test ensures no leaks in the HEPA Filter or the seals inside your machine, ensuring the 99.995% efficiency requirement. 

DOP TESTING can be performed on your equipment at All Preparation Equipment Service Centre located at 130 Lytton Road, BULIMBA QLD 4171.


DOP Testing Warning notice re Asbestos equipment - All Preparation Equipment

Vacuum filters must be replaced once every 12 months or at 300-hour intervals, whichever comes first. 

Our team can perform a filter clean and assess your equipment in a safe environment.


DOP Testing on Vacuums, Air Cleaners, Air Scrubbers or Air Purifiers.  

Dispersed Oil Particulate (DOP) Testing is a method used to ensure the HEPA Filter and the Seals of your equipment are working at 99.995% efficiency consistency. 

Depending on your region, most H Class Vacuums and Air Cleaners, Scrubbers or Purifiers require a DOP Test performed annually on them. 

Contact the team at All Preparation Equipment today to book your equipment in for a service or find out more about DOP Testing. 

When our technician performs a DOP Test, you will be issued a certificate of approval. 


DOP Testing on Vacuums - All Preparation Equipment

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