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DOP Testing on Equipment

DOP Testing for filters, vacuums, air cleaners and blowers

What is DOP Testing? 


  • DOP Stands for Dispersed Oil Particulate test, which is required to meet the Australian standard (IEC60335.2.69 section AA.22.201.2).


  • A DOP Test is a test that gives the facts about the efficiency of a tool or equipment's filters & seals. 



  • DOP TESTING can be performed on your equipment at All Preparation Equipment Service Centre located at 1/40 Rivergate Place, Murarrie QLD 4172.


  • According to the new Silica Regulations in QLD, in order to maintain an H-class rating, the Vacuums HEPA filter must be replaced and the vacuum DOP tested every 12 months.


  • Our team can perform a filter clean and assess your equipment in a safe environment.


  • For Brisbane customers, you can hire a replacement H-class Vacuum or Air Scrubber while your unit is being serviced.


  • Pickup/drop off service is available for Brisbane Metro customers. 


  • We can service and DOP test most major makes and models including, Dustcontrol, Nilfisk, Schwamborn, Husqvarna and more. (Note: Some makes and models will have longer service time due to difficulty getting parts.)


NOTE - We do not work with equipment that has been used with Asbestos.


DOP Testing on Vacuums, Air Cleaners, Air Scrubbers or Air Purifiers.  

Dispersed Oil Particulate (DOP) Testing is a method used to ensure the HEPA Filter and the Seals of your equipment are working at 99.995% efficiency consistency. 

Depending on your region, most H Class Vacuums and Air Cleaners, Scrubbers or Purifiers require a DOP Test performed annually on them. 

Contact the team at All Preparation Equipment today to book your equipment in for a service or find out more about DOP Testing. 

When our technician performs a DOP Test, you will be issued a certificate of approval.