Portamix Hippo wins more remedial concrete work thanks to strong grout

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7 Jan 2016

Portamix Hippo wins more remedial concrete work thanks to strong grout

Grout mixed with Portamix hippo mixer‘The Portamix Hippo mixer gave the grout a higher strength than what was expected – and as a result, gave us more work than we expected,' said Ryan, the on-site Project Manager at the container wharfs.

Thanks to the Portamix Hippo mixer the product could be mixed faster, which gave the grout a higher strength, ready to pass Quality Assurance Testing.

Fast, consistent grout mixing

Mixing large quantities of structural Parchem construction grout at a time meant a fast, effective mixing solution was required. The Mega Hippo mixer has an incredible ability to mix fast and mix consistently with a wide range of products.

Hippo mixer for Mixing Structural groutSo which quality of the Portamix Hippo mixer made the remedial concrete works job so successful?

The helix mixing paddle, with its specially designed spiral ribbon and side mixing bars, makes the Portamix Hippo's mixing paddles the most effective - especially on this job.

Features for maximum efficiency

As well as this, the Portamix Hippo:

  • Produces consecutive batches of product without downtime
  • Makes cleaning out hardened product easy with its resilient plastic liner
  • Features a dust extraction vacuum port, allowing you to connect it to your vacuum and reduce the dust hazard while mixing and splitting bags of grout
  • Uses a tilting cradle to make the transition from the mixer drum into the wharf’s pylon efficient
  • Allows you to split and mix the bag in one location, then use its easy roller canister wheels to quickly roll it to the area where the grout needs to be applied

?The Portamix Hippo mixer is a multi-award winning unit for innovation. It continues to outperform a wide range of other mixing applications on the market.

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