Portamix mixing station plays its part in iconic 1 William Street project

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1 Sep 2015

Portamix mixing station plays its part in iconic 1 William Street project

Hippo mixing station repair compound CBAt the Cbus 1 William Street project, 32 levels up, the Portamix Mega Hippo is hard at work! The Mega Hippo mixer is being used by the civil contractors to fill 300 x 300 recesses in the concrete floor perimeter. Each recess has a large plate bolted into it as part of the steel and aluminum facade.

Mixing bags of Renderoc HB (a Parchem Construction chemicals product), the Hippo mixer boasts a reputation as the fastest, easiest unit for mixing and achieving blend consistency. 

Portamix hippo mixing patching compoundAfter filling the drum with the correct proportion of water, the bag is split and the compound trickled into the mixer, then blended to get a consistent mix. Once the correct blend is achieved the unit is tilted forwards and decanted into smaller carry buckets. Being a high viscosity product, the contractors found it best to use the mixer with smaller quantities of product.

From our observation of the site, the amount of bags that were to be mixed, the mix consistency and the time it needed to be done – it became obvious the Hippo mixing station was the best solution for maximum productivity.

  • Product: Parchem Render Roc HB - a high viscosity material that is used to pack around façade retaining bolts, recessed into main concrete structure
  • Initial trials: Previously mixing 1 x bag in a 10 litre drum took up to 45 minutes to mix and pour
  • Success story:  Enter the Hippo, mixing 4 x 20kg bags (large paddle) maximum 15 minutes from bag to pour
  • Outcome:  One very happy client , with the each stage of the application being completed within the required time frame

Joint frame patch compound concrete floorParchem RenderRoc mixed with Hippo mixer

Hippo mixer repair product levelling CB






Why is the Portamix Hippo Mixer the recommended way to go ?

  • Pouring spout allows efficient pouring directly into smaller bucket
  • Gives a consistent mix – with the double helix mixing paddle and vertical shear bar
  • Although this is the six bag mixer, due to the high viscosity product, we only recommend a four bag mix

With a wide range of options in today's’ market the Mega Portamix hippo mixer shone above the alternative from grout and screed pumps, smaller stand up mixing stations even down to a hand held mixer, running with a double paddle.

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