Power, production & performance with the ROLL ride-on floor lifter

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16 Sep 2015

Power, production & performance with the ROLL ride-on floor lifter

Remote controlled floor stripperWhen a furniture store calls on you to get the floor removed within the next 24 hours... and the entire tiled floor needs to be removed and prepared ready for a layer to come and re-lay a floor... the only machine to call on is the Ride-on ROLL RO-1 Floor Lifter.

We took a look at how the ROLL RO-1 Floor Lifter made a difference across an impressive span of 270m2 of floor.

The ceramic tiles were stuck down hard to the concrete substrate/floor, which made the ROLL ride-on machine the tool of choice. The defit project began at record pace.

Power, production, and performance make the ROLL RO-1 ride-on machine stand apart

Ride on floor lifter





To begin the project, a single tile was removed to give the ride-on machine a starting point for the blade to get in under.

Ceramic Tile removal with ride on lifter3Tile floor removal with ride on lifter





After this short preparation work, removal of the ceramics was easy. Our client benefitted from the unique design of the track-mounted ride-on floor lifter, with its:

  • 120mm wide stripper tool – made from high-alloy spring steel, the stripper tool hit directly under the tile and into the tile adhesive, easily detaching and removing the tile.
  • With the flexible tooling axis the angle could be set and kept at the same angle to the ground – even when only one side of the machine/(chain) was balanced on the tiles. This unique feature helps the machine to continuing driving forward.
  • The high traction chain chassis had enough grip even on the slippery floor surface to apply the necessary power and impact to the tile.
  • Smooth production thanks to quick removal of the tile remains from directly in front of the machine – allowing the blade to have a free impact and the scope to continue moving.

The performance? On average, the ride-on floor lifting machine removed the floor covering at a commendable 50m2/hour.

tile removal with ride floor lifterOnce the tiles were stripped, our client moved on to a concrete flooring grinding system with PCD diamond grinding shoes and knock-on diamond shoes to remove the excess tile adhesive.



Why choose the ROLL RO-1 ride-on Floor Lifter?

The ROLL RO-1 is the only floor removal machine of its kind! It features:

  • High traction and speed with the tracked wheels
  • Compact dimensions to fit on practically all sites
  • Extremely easy to operate and manoeuvre
  • Intuitive joystick control
  • 75dB low noise operation

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