Concrete floor preparation ready for High Build Epoxy coating

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7 Jan 2016

Concrete floor preparation ready for High Build Epoxy coating

240V 400mm Concrete grinderAcross a floor of 30sqm in an old warehouse, quality concrete floor preparation was needed prior to applying a high build commercial epoxy floor coating.

Using the DSM400 Schwamborn grinder the best possible finished was given using a soft bond diamond, 16 grit to leave a good scratch pattern for the epoxy to hold on to.

The Schwamborn single phase 400mm grinder can take up to 9 diamond knock-on grinding shoes, to give you a smoother finish or a flatter floor. With knock-on grinding shoes available in grits ranging from 16 through to 300 grit in metal bond, the Schwamborn DSM400 grinder can achieve most finishes on any new or old concrete floor.

Concrete floor preparation from Schwamborn

Take a look at this impressive key markings that were left ready for the epoxy to get a hold on to. That's impressive concrete floor preparation.

Concrete floor preparation with the DSM400 Schwamborn











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