hitop handle attachemnt

100mm (4'') Hitop Handle Angle Grinder Attachment


100mm (4'') Hitop Handle Attachment, includes Bracket / Spring Washer / Bolt, to suit 100mm Angle Grinders

$31.76 +GST $31.76 +GST

4'' Hitop Handle - Bracket/ Spring Washer/ Bolt, to suit 100mm (4'') Angle Grinders

Reduce all the effort of concrete floor and surface grinding, by getting the handle up over the grinding wheel to get you back in control.

Apply more pressure directly above the diamond grinding wheel to where you need it, avoiding deep gouges and prevent user fatigue.

Strong, durable and powder coated. Each handle comes complete with a threaded bracket, spring washer and bolt attachments required to attach it to your grinder. Safer use of angle grinders

*Note grinder is not included (Orange bracket shows the Hitop Handle setup)

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