125mm (5") Holer Composite Shroud Angle Grinder Package


125mm (5") Angle Grinder Edger Package. Includes 1x Rhomboid 125mm (5'') Diamond grinding wheel, 30/40 Grit, Medium bond, 12 segment, Yellow, 1x Wizz-it-off Diamond grinding cup wheel remover, 1x Holer 125mm (5'') Composite Dust Shroud, 1x Metabo W 12-125 125mm (5'') Angle Grinder - 1250 watt, 1x 125mm (5'') Hitop Handle Attachment

$683.00 +GST $683.00 +GST

125mm (5") Holer Composite Shroud Angle Grinder Package

Package comes assembled ready to use on your project

Includes the following products:

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