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Bush Hammer Milling Plate Grey Line 520, 230mm, 3 milling heads (suits DSM530S & DSM650S Grinders)

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Bush Hammer Milling Plate Grey Type, 230mm, 3 milling heads (suits DSM530S & DSM650S Grinders)


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Mounting plate for Schwamborn DSM 530 / 650 ø 230 mm with three Grey Line bush hammers mounted. Each bush hammers has 45 pins each and are perfect for creating a very rough and anti-slippery surface on the concrete.

Bush hammering can be carried out both as a part of anti-slippery finishing of the surface and can be one of the stages of preparation of the floor for epoxy resin application. 


  • Produces very fine and homogeneous concrete surface structure comparable to CSP Level 2-3
  • Small to medium increase in texture depth/grip of asphalt and concrete
  • Long service life due to 100 TC pins
  • Very smooth machine running

Today, the commonly used bush hammer tools for floor grinding machines consist of a roller with axle mounted on a U-block. However, these systems have significant disadvantages in terms of safety and, above all, durability.

That is why All Preparation Equipment has developed a completely new tool system standing out due to the following advantages and technical product highlights:

  • Compatible with all standard floor grinders
  • Maximum functionality
  • High level of safety
  • Completely maintenance-free (no grease or oil required)

Technical product highlights

  • Dust- and splash-proofed housing
  • Well-matched sealing elements
  • Internal security elements
  • Bearing in fully enclosed housing

Recommendations for use: Using the tool system primarily on planetary grinders with three or four grinding heads, like the Schwamborn DSM530 and DSM650 grinders offers ideal conditions for the tools to develop their full potential, especially with regard to the planetary gear and the speed control often in place.

The system is basically maintenance-free. If used properly and in compliance with safety and care instructions, the unit can be used until the TC pins are fully worn.

For general protection of the ball-bearing system, the following essentials should be considered:

  • Lower the machine gently to the ground
  • Grinding head always parallel to the surface
  • Ground contact of the wheels
  • Recommended machines: planetary grinding machines
  • Speed of the planet carrier: approx. 700 – 800 rpm
  • Use a suitable vacuum cleaner
  • Wet surface with water spray mist to avoid dust

The tool should be cleaned immediately after finishing work. We recommend using a hose, preferably with warm water. High-pressure cleaners should be used with care to prevent dirt from entering the housing.