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Arma Blue Commercial Roll (1.2m x 25m)

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Arma Blue SS Roll (1.2m x 25m)


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Arma Blue Commercial Roll

For all builders and renovators the Arma Blue material is lightweight and comprises a strong poly fabric and closed cell foam with an adhesive that can be bonded to countless surfaces and removed at will without leaving any residue. This unique product is impact absorbing and will witstand most building activities. The product is easy to cut and install and must be applied to a clean surface.

Arma-Blue is an Advanced Protection System based on a closed cell cross linked foam thermally fused to a strong poly fabric and it is not harmful to the environment.

The Arma-Blue material is free of heavy metals, plasticisers and CFC?s. It is a composite of closed cell cross linked foam and thermally fused to a strong poly fabric, producing a tough durable sheet.

Application Fields for Commercial grade:
,Any surface in need of protection
,Polished finishes,Marble, Granite
,Tiled surfaces
,Carpet protection
,Timber flooring etc.
,Glazing protection

Advantages over other protection:
,Protects new as well as old substrates against damage
,Will not decay or rot
,High abrasion resistance
,Acts as a water barrier
,Safe for the user and environment
,Non-allergenic mildew, bacteria, insect resistant
,Faster installation over other protection methods-less labour
,Lightweight,easy transport
,NOT classified as hazardous material
,Environmentally friendly
,Noise reduction
,Will not expand or distort when exposed to heat/ sunlight
,No peeling
,Minimal distortion under traffic use
,Non-scratch backing

Roll size: 1.2m wide x 25m long roll = 30sqm coverage

Length: 25m
Width: 1.2m
Thickness: 2.50mm
Coverage: 30sqm
Weight: 12kg
?Normal density: 70 kg/cubic m
Elongation: 15%
Poly Fabric Tensile Strength: 450N/50mm
Burst Strength: 350N
Tear resistance: 70N
Odour: Odourless
Auto flammability,(thermal decomposition-melting point): 390ºC (164ºC-175ºC)
Softening range: 70ºC-130ºC