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Zipwall Super Tall Kit

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Zipwall Super Tall Kit Includes: 10x Spring Loaded Poles 1.6m-6.1m), 1x Pair Zippers, 1x Carry Bag, 6m x 50m Plastic Sheeting
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Includes: 10x Spring Loaded Poles (1.6m-6.1m), 1x Pair Zippers and 1x Carry Bag, and 6m x 50m Plastic Sheeting

A great kit for extra tall facilities - seals off up to 50m long in ceilings up to 6m high. Ideal for projets in stairwells, supermarkets, airports and any other situation where the ceilings are higher than standard (4m - 6m)

Zipwall - the zero dust solution

  • rapid installation - saves time
  • can be re-used - saves money
  • no tape or fixings - avoids damage
  • complete seal stops - dust spreading
  • no ladders needed - improves safety

Zipwall - stopping dust and solving problems in a myriad of applications including:

  • sanding, cutting and grinding
  • block, tile and sheet cutting
  • demolition and strip out works
  • flood and fire restoration
  • mould remediation and abatement
  • improve air quality from fumes, gases, odours and overspray
  • containing the speed of contamination
  • infection and epidemic control
  • privacy screening