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26"/ 650mm 3.0mm (15-20 WFT Mils Blade) Scallop Easy Squeegee

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26"/ 660mm Green 4.8mm V Notch Easy Squeegee with 15-20 WFT Mils Blade


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27"/ 660mm Scallop Easy Squeegee with 15-20 WFT Mils Blade

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  • Gray / Non-Marking Rubber
  • Chemical & Abrasion Resistant
  • Flat Stiff Blade
  • General Purpose Applications


The Easy Squeegee blades provides options to apply almost any coating from 4-60+ WFT Mils. The four unique styles (Flat Flexible, Flat Stiff, Scalloped Notched and V-Notched) provide the installer choices and options in field as to how to best accomplish the project. All blade packaging is colour coded for easy identification. 

Regardless of the task you need to complete, the Easy Squeegee can help you complete it with improved accuracy and efficiency. It will also help drive out costs by being truly cleanable and reusable. 

Flat Flexible Do you prefer a thinner more flexible blade for your coating applications? Or do you prefer pulling vs pushing? 
Flat Stiff Do you have a large area to coat with a thin film clear epoxy or urethane topcoat? 

Tasked with pulling a rapid curing polyaspartic urethane clear-coat over a random flake floor?


Need to get 200 gallons of 100% solids metallic epoxy at 100 ft2/ GAL?

15-20 WFT MILS

Applying a decorative 100% solids metallic epoxy at 100 ft2 / GAL? 

25-30 WFT MILS

Looking to squeegee apply 30 Mils (50 ft2/ GAL) of silicone roof coating?

40-45 WFT MILS

Are youa pplying 40 Mils of polyurethane deck coating to a large parking structure? 

50-60 WFT MILS

Need to apply 60+ Mils of an epoxy waterproofing to a bridge deck?

Wet Film Spread Rates (WFSR FT2/GAL) are not absolute, but are provided to assist blade selection. Many factors can contribute to the actual WFSR including pressure exerted on the blade, porosity of the substrate being coated, material used, and if and how the back-roll is completed.