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Portamix Hippo Mega Mixer with External Wheel set

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Exterior Portamix Mega Hippo Mixer 80L with 1800w Standard Motor and Flexible Folded Drum Liner, 6 bag capacity. Includes Exterior Wheel Kit, 1x full height paddle, 1x 1/2 height paddle, and BONUS Dust Cover Lid.


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Portamix Hippo Mega Mixer 80L with External Wheel Set

Stirred by innovation, this revolutionary new mixer has a 80L capacity (the largest portable tipping mixer on the market), and mixes up to 6 x 20kg bags of floor level in approximately 7 minutes!

Saving you time, Making you money

You, as a contractor, are not paid to mix the product,only to come up with the finished result,so why not make it faster and easier?

Being well balanced with an easy-tilt system, fewer hands are required to mix, giving better on-site performance, boosting productivity and profitability. Many clients have proved a major reduction in physical effort and time when using the Portamix Hippo. Projects that normally require three workers may now only require two. Often multi-stage pours are no longer necessary.

The Portamix has been specifically designed to mix self levelling screed and floor toppings, in fact any material that flows like floor self levelling screeds can be mixed. The Hippo mixer is designed to mix 6 bag mix using the full height paddle and 3 bag mixes with the included 1/2 height paddle.

The specially-shaped bowl ensures there are no pockets of unmixed product. A convenient wheeled base enables mix to be delivered quickly to the required location with excellent control.

This fast mixer is also ideal for mixing in bulk then dispensing into small containers. Pre-tinted material is easily blended.

Well balanced design; one person can mix, transport and pour with ease and precision reducing downtime and material waste.

The Key Benefits of using a Portamix Hippo are:

  • Mix and pour faster,reduce back strain and apply leveller in record time
  • Innovative design,an Award Winner!
  • Easy to clean with the removable drum liners
  • Two speed gear box - allowing you to mix up to 6x 20kg bags
  • Mix a wide range of compounds,floor levelling compound, epoxies, render, grout
  • Dust port on bowl,connect your vacuum to the mixer and reduce hazard while mixing
  • Reduce time, effort, labor costs,means more profit in your pocket
  • Two shear bars + helix paddle,thorough mixing, blending and placement
  • Half-height paddle available for smaller 2-3 bag batches


  • Bowl capacity 6 x 20kg mix plus water, (85 Liter/160Kg)
  • Mixing paddle TW225D large dual Helix
  • Motor 1800W 2-speed, RCD protected
  • Tilting cradle Balanced for easy operation
  • Weight 49kg

External Wheel Set is ideal for rough terrain where the Portamix Hippo Mixer is being used outdoors. Using the External Wheel Set also increases the pouring height of the mixer, allowing you to pour directly into buckets or carts.

Supplied with standard 1800w motor, also available with a 2300w heavy-duty motor - please contact our team on 1800 422 992 or submit an online inquiry to confirm pricing and availability on the high powered motor.