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SOROTO Dust Controller attachment to suit 120L Screed Mixers

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SOROTO Dust Controller attachment to suit 120L Screed Mixers


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SOROTO Dust Controller Attachment

SOROTO Dust Controllers can used as an attachment on all SOROTO Forced Action Mixers. The controller is proven to reduce dust emittance by up to 80% and in turn lessen the chance of harmful materials being breathed in whilst mixing dry materials. When bag dumping, sanding, grinding or cutting dry materials such as cement, limestone, mortar and even sand, dust is released at a large rate and dominate the space around. If eyes or skin are exposed to it or the dust is inhaled, it can lead to serious long term health issues both externally and internally.

Minimize the dust in the air - without compromising the access to and view of the material in the forced action mixer

Available for SoRoTo® Forced Action Mixers 80L, 100L, 120L, 200L and 300L.

When you work with dry product in a forced action mixer, there is a risk of potentially dangerous dust.

The Dust Controller is easy to use. It acts like a mouthpiece for the vacuum cleaner and is mounted on the Forced Action Mixer just under the grid lid.

SoRoTo® Forced Action Mixers can be supplied including a Dust Controller; or it can easily be mounted.

The advantages of a SoRoTo® Dust Controller

  • the access to and view of the material is not compromized - not like other products for dust limitation.

  • easy to mount on both old and new SoRoTo® Forced Action Mixers

  • available in several sizes: 80 L, 100 L, 120 L, 200 L and 300 L

  • compatible with most industrial vacuum cleaners and of course it seriously limits potentially dangerous dust emittance

  • We do not recommend plugging the vacuum cleaner into the extra outlet on the big mixers. The Dust Controller (and the vaccum cleaner) are only really needed up untill the water is added, and it will tear unnecessarily on the machine's power.