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125mm (5") Angle Grinder Edger Package with Composite Dust shroud

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125mm (5") Angle Grinder Edger Package. Includes 1x Rhomboid 125mm (5'') Diamond grinding wheel, 30/40 Grit, Medium bond, 12 segment, Yellow, 1x Wizz-it-off Diamond grinding cup wheel remover, 1x Holer 125mm (5'') Composite Dust Shroud, 1x Metabo W 13- 12
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125mm (5") Holer Composite Shroud Angle Grinder Package

 Ever need to get right up along an edge or into a corner?

Perfect your edges with this effective package, allowing you to grind right up to an edge and into corners, preparing or polishing your surface, completely DUST FREE !

This Package comes assembled with a Holler Composite Style Dust Shroud, Grinding Wheel, Hitop Safety Handle and Wizz it off Wheel Remover assembled and ready to use. 

The Shroud follows the floor to keep dust to a minimum. 

Package comes complete with,
1 x Metabo WE15-125 Quick 125mm (5") Angle Grinder, 1550 watt

1x 125mm (5") Composite Holer Edge Grinding Dust Shroud

1 x 125mm 12 segment Rhomboid Diamond Grinding Wheel
(Diamond grinding wheel best used for High speed concrete & glue/paint removal from floors, Rhomboid diamond shape resists clogging around segments)

1 x 125mm (5") Hitop Handle Safety Handle

1 x Wizz It Off Diamond wheel remover

1 x Operation / Safety User Manual