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Dust Control DC2900a H Class Vacuum

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Dustcontrol DC2900a Vacuum, Single Phase, 1285watt, 16kg, Includes 40L Steel Collection Container, 5m Antistatic Suction Hose 38mm, Floor Nozzle (7235), Suction Pipe (7257), Polyester Fine Filter Cellulose (42029) and HEPA H13 filter (42027)


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Dust Control DC2900a Vacuum with Collection Container, HEPA Filter H13

The Dustcontrol DC 2900a is the most popular dust extraction unit for site cleanups and controling airborne and surface dust with suction casings on smalller handheld grinding, cleaning, cutting, chasing and carpentry tools. Weighing only 19kg the Dustcontrol DC 2900a is a lightweight and portable option for lifting upstairs and transporting to and from sites. The dust collection container makes the DC2900a ideal to use for sharp material such as metal chips and provides easier containment of dust. Also availble with Intellibag Dust Collection.

Supplied with;

  • Suction hose (Ø38 mm/1.5?) 5 m/ 16 ft (2111)
  • Suction hose antistatic (Ø38 mm /1.5?) 5 m/16 ft
  • Connecting sleeve (2115)
  • Coupling socket (2108)
  • Floor nozzle B370 mm /W17? (7235)
  • Suction pipe Ø38 mm /1.5? (7257)
  • Fine filter, cellulose (42029)
  • Equipped with a fine filter and a HEPA filter (H13) that clean the exhaust air to 99.9995%. (42027)

Best suited to smaller hand held grinding, cutting, chasing tools to effectively control concrete silica dust.

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Why Dustcontrol?

  • Dust can be come a nightmare anywhere let alone when it's harsh, concrete dust. That's why the powerful Dustcontrol extraction systems have been desiged, with a three stage filtration principle for the best possible cleaning function.
  • Design, Each of the mobile vacuum cleaners are designed and engineered and built to a standard , specicially to withstand some of the toughest concrete dust and construction applications.
  • Canister Capacity, Starting from the smallest of through to the most powerful in three phase the Capacity of the Dustcontrol vacuum systems is endless through the LongoPac Bag system. Once the bag is full, it is zip tied up and thrown away.

All the 1-phase dust extractors are equipped with a fine filter and a HEPA filter (H 13). Filter cleaning is achieved with a reverse air pulse cleaning system which is both effective and done without mess or having to disassemble the machine. The filter system also allows for ergonomic and dust-free filter changes.

Choosing the right machine
Two things determine which machine is required for a given application.

1. The size of the suctions casing/nozzle and the type of operation determine the required air flow which influences which dust separator is suitable, considering also filter area and dimensions of inlet.

2. The pressure generation: The longer the hose and/or tubing run, the greater the pressure drop will be. Greater pressure generation is required from the source when handling large quantities of material.

The filter systems in all DustControl dust extractors and Vacuums are built to comply with the stringent IEC machine classification H Class.

All our mobile machines are equipped with a fine filter and a HEPA filter (H13) that cleans the exhaust air to 99.995%. These high-efficiency filters also have a long service life, which not only results in cleaner air but also low filter costs.

Equipped with HEPA filter.



Dimensions 111 x 44 x 55
Weight 19 kg
Flow at open inlet 205-215 m3/h
Negative Pressure, max 84/96 inwg
Power Consumption 1285 W
Sound Level 68 dB (A)
Class H