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Longopac Bags suit DC3900 / Tromb

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Longopac MINI Continuous Vacuums Bags to suit Tromb 400L, DC2900L, DC3900L, and S26, S13 Vacuums. Box of 4x 22 Metre bags.
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Extra Strong dust bags with guaranteed length and strength.

The Longopac bagging system is ideal as a continuous bagging system for dust extractors and cyclones. Our continuous liner system also affords the advantage of replacing a bag in a completely sealed and dust-free manner. Using Longopac as your bagging system will improve your working environment and reduce the need for cleaning. We work with most manufactures of dust extractors that have integrated Longopac as dust collection bags.
Longopac Continuous Vacuum Dust Bags suit Dustcontrol DC3900L and Dustcontrol DC400 Tromb Vacuums. Will also fit most other single phase concrete dust vacuums running the Longopac Vacuum frame.


  • Bags are replaced and sealed from the outside - no contact with the waste
  • Spillages around the opening are collected by the next bag
  • Easy to clean


  • Loaded with a bag cassette
  • New bag always in place
  • Bag always securely sealed
  • Quick bag replacement - saves time
  • Variable bag size for flexible replacement intervals

Environmentally Friendly

  • The bags are manufactured from three-ply polyethylene- low material consumption and high strength.
  • Independent lifecycle analysis show a 80% lower carbon dioxide emission compared to traditional waste bags.
  • Lower weight and more compact packing give less transport cost.
  • Longopac Biodegradable, a 100% compostable bag – available as an additional choice.