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Entry level grinding package, Includes Schwamborn DSM250 Grinder, Metabo 35L Vac and 65L Supa Dust Separator

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DSM250 + Metabo 35L + Separator


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Entry level grinding package,


Package Includes,

Schwamborn DSM250 Concrete Floor Grinder - with Edging dust shroud

Grinding and preparing of concrete, screed and stone floors, removing glues, paints, coatings, fillers and level uneven floors.

The Schwamborn 250 mm Concrete Floor Grinder also efficiently grinds high spots in concrete, removes line markings including thermoplastics, grinds off old or failed waterproofing membranes, epoxies, and levelling compounds ready for new floor coverings to be laid. This machine can also be used to do resurfacing and buffing on timber floors and polishing of edges for concrete with a velcro backed sanding pad attachment. Increase your edge grinding speed by up to 33%, saving you from grinding on your hands and knees.

The DSM250 Schwamborn Concrete Floor Grinder allows the grinder to swivel left to right to grind up to the edges. Perfect finish on every floor with the flexible coupling the machine will prepare, remove or repair leaving the floor level.

The DSM250 Schwamborn Concrete Floor Grinder provides excellent performance for:

  • Grinding of concrete, screed and stone floors
  • Removal of glues, paint, coatings and fillers
  • Levelling uneven floors.
  • Resurfacing and buffing timber floors

Our DSM250 Schwamborn Concrete Floor Grinder is the most popular concrete floor grinding system because of its design. It allows you to grind right to an edge from both LEFT & RIGHT. With an easy swivelling grinding head for greater flexibility to getting into tight areas, this small 250 mm Concrete Grinder gives the perfect finish every time.

  • The adjustable head features a simple axle height adjustment, and the Diamond Floating Device ensures an even grinding pressure.
  • Knock On Diamond Tool exchange ensures maximum speed changeover of diamond tooling, minimising downtime.
  • Balanced operation and low vibration give less operator fatigue.
  • The user-friendly foldable handle has multiple positions for improved ergonomics and compact storage and transport, while the dust shroud provides effective dust control.

Set of Knock on Diamond Grinding Shoes x 6

Metabo ISP35L Single Motor Vacuum

  • For extraction from the power tool in continuous mode, both on construction sites and in the workshop
  • Especially suited for extracting concrete and rock dust
  • Compact vacuum cleaner for liquids and dry solids with commercial registration
  • AutoClean: saves costs and time by means of automatic filter cleaning in continuous use
  • If the optimum suction performance falls below a certain level, the filters are vibrated immediately
  • Automatic shut-down when vacuuming liquids once the maximum fill level is reached
  • Suction power control for adapted suction performance
  • Automatic trailing mechanism for emptying the suction hose completely
  • Antistatic basic equipment prevents static charge when using appropriate accessories
  • Sturdy thanks to especially large wheels and castors with wheel stop
  • Cable winding mechanism
  • Practical accessory case and storage area

65L Supa Dust Separator

Improve the suction from your vacuum, reduce the wear and tear on your filters and minimise costs long term with the 65L APE Dust Separator. Running a Pre-Separator with your vacuum ensures 93% of dust or slurry is collected before it reaches your vacuum, therefore extending filter cleaning intervals and the lifeof your vacuum.

  • Reduce filter blockages
  • Reduce replacmenet and repair vacuum costs
  • No moving or wearing parts
  • No moving or wearing parts
  • Extend the life of your vaccuum

The 65L APE Supa Separator is supplied complete with the following:

  • 1.2m x 50mm connecting hose
  • Precision bearing castors
  • Tough over-centre catches
  • Clear labels for Air In & Air Out
  • Cable management device to save your lead from getting in the way

Pack of 26 x Orange Separator Dust Bags