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C2 Crack Fix 600mL Dual Cartridge - Any Colour

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C2 Crack Fix 600mL Dual Cartridge - Any Colour
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Composition: C² Crack Fix? is a two-component, 100% solids structural polyurethane/ polyuria hybrid. When cured, C² Crack Fix? is a rigid structural polymer with a Shore D Hardness of 70-75.

Basic Use: C² Crack Fix? was developed to repair random cracks and surface spalls/pop-outs and other surface defects in industrial concrete floors that are subject to wheeled traffic. C² Crack Fix? is designed for use in industrial or retail concrete floors where final building temperatures are 0°C (32°F) to + 49°C (120°F).


  • Permanent, durable structural concrete repair in minutes
  • Ready for traffic in 15 ? 30 minutes
  • Can be ground flush with floor in 25 minutes
  • C² Crack Fix? low viscosity allows for penetration into cracks as narrow as 0.40 mm (1/16?)
  • Unlike many low viscosity structural repair products, C² Crack Fix? is virtually odorless
  • C² Crack Fix? in non-hazardous and can be shipped via air carrier with no hazard fees


Standard color is Standard Gray. C² Crack Fix? is also available in color matches for our C² Tint? and C² Color Hard? dyes which are made to order.


C² Crack Fix? is available in 600ml (300x300) dual cartridge kits to be used with a Dual Cartridge Gun.


  • C² Crack Fix? is a structural repair product and should not be used as a floor joint filler
  • C² Crack Fix? is a structural repair product with very high adhesive and tensile properties; consequently it will restrain concrete movement wherever placed and may lead to concrete tearing is substantial concrete movement occurs after placement
  • C² Crack Fix? is not designed for use in temperatures below 0°C (32°F)
  • C² Crack Fix? overfill may leave light stain/shadow on some concrete surfaces
  • C² Crack Fix? may exhibit a moisture reaction on damp or wet surfaces; repair rea should be clean and dry


Store in a cool, dry place with adequate ventilation. Published shelf life assumes upright storage of factorysealed containers in a dry place. Keep from freezing. Maintain storage of cartridges between temperature of 20-33°C (70-90°F)



C² Crack Fix? is designed to be mixed using a universal or dual cartridge kit with appropriate gun or by hand in very small amounts. Material should be preconditioned to 21-27°C (70-80°F) prior to use for best results. C² Crack Fix? is designed for use in concrete floors at temperatures of 0°C (32°F) or higher. If concrete temperature is lower the 0°C, temporary heat tenting, etc. must be used to warm up floor area prior to installing material.

If using dual-component cartridges: Prepare cartridge for dispensing with static mixer and flow restrictor per kit instructions. Material should be dispensed at a moderate pace using steady pressure. After dispensing begins keep cartridge pointed down at all time to prevent cross contamination. Keep a waste container (disposable cup) handy to purge C² Crack Fix? liquid at start of application and/or if dispensing is delayed for more than 45 seconds (to avoid cured material in mixer tip).

Using C² Crack Fix? and Grinding/Polishing: If using C² Crack Fix? to repair surface defects in conjunction with grinding/polishing decorative concrete floors we recommend the following:

  • Install C² Crack Fix? after initial course grind but prior to second grind. This will help ensure that any residual staining or shadowing from C² Crack Fix? overfill is removed in second grind
  • When grinding cured C² Crack Fix?, pads with 100 grit or higher should be used for best results
  • Best results are obtained by first grinding off any excessive overfill with a cup grinder using a medium grit finishing pad. It is further recommended that grinding operations be delayed for 25 minutes or more after initial C² Crack Fix? placement (at 21°C/70°F)

Defect Preparation and Repair Repair area should be completely free of dust, debris, dirt, oils and moisture prior to application of material.

Surface Defects/Spalls Remove all loose concrete chips, spalls, islands, etc. back to structurally sound concrete with a hammer and chisel or dry cut saw equipped with diamond blade.

Slightly overfill defect and monitor the installation for any seepage. If seepage into defect is detected, dispense additional material to restore flushness with surface. After C² Crack Fix? cures into a hard solid (approximately 25 minutes) grind off any excess flush with surface using a cup grinder with medium grit pad or hand grinder stone.

Anchor Bolt Holes If anchor is still intact cut off as much of the bolt as possible prior to slightly overfilling defect with C² Crack Fix?.

Random Cracks Cracks up to 6 mm (1/4?) in width should be cleaned using a soft wire wheel or brush and wiped with solvent to remove dirt or oil prior to filling with neat C² Crack Fix?. Fill/overfill crack with neat C² Crack Fix? and grind off any high spots after cure. For cracks wider than 6 mm (1/4?) or cracks where continual movement is suspected an alternative recommended repair method is to rout out the crack using a diamond blade to a depth of 12 mm (1/2?) to 18 mm (3/4?) and filling the crack with a semi-rigid polyuria filler such as C² Joint Fill?.


C² Crack Fix? is for industrial use only. Use in well ventilated areas. Practice all normal job site safety precautions (clear work area, etc.). Thoroughly review MSDS for additional information prior to use. Your safety is our priority. Crete Colors International, LLC is a member of INFOTRAC?S MSDS Partnership Program. In case of any chemical emergency related to our C2 products; spill, leak, fire or accident, please contact INFOTRAC free of charge for immediate first aid information.