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Tenax Hardener for Polyester 45g Tube

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Tenax Hardener for Polyester 45g Tube


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Tenax Polyester Hardener Tube - 45mL 

Natural stones like marble, granite, limestone, slate, onyx, agglomerates, terrazzo material and travertine are known for their hard surfaces, long life, and ease to clean. They are perfectly suited for warm and hot climates as they tend to keep cool and do not harbour any allergens in the house. As hard and heavy as they can be, they are also not completely invulnerable to damage. They can get dull over time because of the usual wear and tear.  

Tenax Polyester Hardener is for the Tenax Polyester Resins. The Polyester resin you purchase does come with a hardener, but because the mix ratio is 3% hardener to resin sometimes extra hardener is required to get this right. 

This 45mL Tube of Tenax Polyester Hardener will harden 1-1 or 1-1.5L of polyester resin. 

Calculating the amount required depends on the project and application where it is being applied as to how successful it will be with more or less hardener. 


All Preparation Equipment stocks a range of Tenax patch, repair and rectification products. Shop the range online or call our team direct on 1800 422 992 to discuss your project requirement.