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PAFtec CleanSpace2 Power System (exc mask)

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PAFtec CleanSpace2 Power System (requires mask)
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PAFtec CleanSpace2 Power System (excluding the mask)

Note. the Mask for each battery pack can be purchased separately. 

CleanSpace2 from PAFtec is a major innovation in personal respiratory protection: ergonomic, easy to use, and designed to operate maintenance-free for three years.

The PAFtec CleanSpace Battery Powered mask is also approved to EN12942 TM3. The respirator works by constantly monitoring the pressure inside the mask, and delivers filtered air, on-demand, as the user breathes.

The soft, comfortable mask (purchased separately - see PAF-0026, PAF-0027 or PAF-0029) is counterbalanced by a lightweight power unit worn on the back of the neck and weighing only 600g with no trailing leads or hoses.

CleanSpace2 can be worn with existing PPE without modification or attachments, including hard hats, safety eyewear, welding helmets, face shields and hearing protection. Contains an internal battery with a duration of up to six hours and a battery life of three years/500 cycles. This Cleanspace2 kit includes:

  • Power unit.
  • Filter.
  • Charger.
  • Harness.
  • Neck pads (thin and thick).
  • Flow test cap.
  • Storage bag.