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Zipwall ZipDoor XL - Flame Retardant - Seal existing doorway openings up to 1450mm (W) x 2400mm (H).

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Zipwall Zip Door XL - Flame Retardant
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Zipwall ZipDoor package

Zipwall ZipDoor to seal existing doorway openings up to 1450mm (W) x 2400mm (H). 

Includes 1 x Flame Retardant Heavy Duty ZipDoor Sheet (1524 x 2490mm) with 2 x Premium Zippers Pre-Installed, 1 x Roll of Special Lo-Hi Tack Double-sided Tape for Mounting. 

  • The LARGER option of ZipDoor for commercial applications incorporating Flame Retardant Sheeting for safety
  • Quickly and easily create a resealable doorway barrier
  • Effectively seals a doorway in less than a minute


Cover any fixture of opening in any shape or size using plastic and ZipTape - no dust - no damage - no worries! 

Designed by contractors, Proven by contractors, Installed by contractors.

Zipwall® is being used in a wide range of industries and locations nationwide including:

  • supermarkets and other retail
  • hospitals and health facilities
  • food processing plants
  • IT/comms rooms and data centres
  • laboratories
  • clean rooms
  • offices
  • homes
  • clubs
  • hotels
  • airports
  • museums
  • schools
  • universities
  • other public buildings

Safe and proven

  • Dust inhalation adversely affects the health of a large number of people nationwide across a broad range of work activities
  • The Zipwall® screening system is the proven solution to prevent dust from contaminating the environment and the personnel in it. 

Looking for a package to help create an internal barrier, temporary wall, enclosure, or CoVID safe working environment. Shop the range of Zipwall barrier systems online  or call one of the team on 1800 422 992 today to discuss your project requirement.