600mm Double Notched Rake - 4mm Notch Teeth

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600mm Double Notched Rake - 4mm Notch Teeth

Principal Uses

Gauge rakes are designed to spread liquid materials as new flooring coating systems to a prepared and primed surface

Notched tooth gauging rakes are the most popular tools used to apply flowable flooring overlay materials by spreading and levelling to a desired final thickness.

These flowable flooring materials are generally refered to as being ‘self leveling’ or ‘self smoothing’.


Our range of rake blades made of a hard wearing grade of Industrial stainless steel and are non staining. Our KAM gauging rakes are simple to use. These gauging rakes are available in specific tooth depths, each size designed to deliver a specific coating overlay thickness from 500microns to 5mm. Spare blades are available as replacements.

Operated whilst working in a standing position these hand-held tools spread and level new liquid floor overlay materials to pre-defined thicknesses

Method of Use

Wear spiked shoes to gain access to the work area whilst applying floor overlays spiked rollers and notched rakes.

Fit an extension handle to the stick adaptor on the blade. The mixed floor coating materials are dispensed by pouring onto the prepared substrate and the rake is used to firmly but smoothly pull the coating material across the substrate. De-aerate the new overlay system with a Spiked Roller during the application process to achieve a smooth bubble free surface.

Refer to our Spiked Roller information sheets to choose the most appropriate roller for the material being used.


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