Portable Supa Separator 65L


65L Supa Separator including 1.2m x 50mm hose


Portable Supa Separator 65L

By adding the CPS-6550 Cyclone Separator in line with your dust extractor or vacuum and the grinder, your dust extractor usable filter life will be greatly enhanced.These units work well alongside single and twin motor vacuums to ensure better performance of the vacuum alongside many other features.

By adding this in line with the dust extractor and the concrete floor grinder your vacuum / dust extractor filter life will be greatly enhanced, and, if you are using one of our RP series single motor dust extractors with reverse pulse filter cleaning, the filter cleaning is enhanced also, keeping the filters cleaner for longer.

  • 1.2m x 50mm connecting hose
  • Instruction Sheet included
  • Precision bearing castors
  • Tough over-centre catches
  • Clear labels on Air in & Air out
  • Cable management device keeps your cable to the hand held or concrete floor grinder with the vacuum dust separator.
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