APE 65L Supa Separator


65L Supa Separator including 1.2m x 50mm hose with connecting blue push fit cuffs

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APE 65L Supa Separator 

Improve the suction from your vacuum, reduce the wear and tear on your filters and minimise costs long term with the 65L APE Dust Separator. Running a Pre-Separator with your vacuum ensures 93% of dust or slurry is collected before it reaches your vacuum, therefore extending filter cleaning intervals and the life of your vacuum.

  • Reduce filter blockages
  • Reduce replacement and repair vacuum costs
  • No moving or wearing parts
  • Extend the life of your vacuum

The 65L APE Supa Separator is supplied complete with the following: 

  • 1.2m x 50mm connecting hose
  • Precision bearing castors
  • Tough over-centre catches
  • Clear labels for Air In & Air Out
  • Cable management device to save your lead from getting in the way
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