c2 blue microfibre application mop for polished concrete floors

C2 610mm (24'') Standard Microfiber Pad


C2 610mm (24'') Standard Microfiber Pad - Blue

$27.30 +GST $27.30 +GST

C2 610mm (24'') Standard Microfiber Pad - Blue

  • Distributes C2 Super Hard™ & C2 Hard™ evenly with no streaking
  • Standard looped pile microfiber weave lets the pad glide across the floor quickly, smoothly and easily. There are no snags or hangups as with standard terry cloth or sponge applicators, or cotton mops
  • Won’t absorb material or leave fabric fibers on floors
  • Machine washable. Simply leave pads in water until they are washed and they will come out as good as new
  • Velcro backing allows for simple connection to the C2 600mm (24") Applicator Frame
  • Pads are also available in a 36” size for larger application areas
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