Enduro 150mm (6'') 100/120 Grit Diamond Cup Wheel


Enduro 150mm (6'') 100/120 Grit Diamond Cup Wheel

$79.80 +GST $79.80 +GST

Enduro 150mm (6'') 100/120 Grit Diamond Cup Wheel

A finer grinding wheel, where an exceptional finish is needed. The perfect choice to use as a finishing wheel prior to mechanical polishing or coating. 

  • Longer lasting
  • Finer grits available
  • Cost effective polishing option

Enduro diamond wheels have been developed as an intermediate cutting, smooth finish wheel due to the dual direction of the segment. The outer perimeter cuts fast where the angled section gives a more refined finish. 30 /40 grit wheels are a great follow up wheel for the initial grind for a full aggregate exposure, closely followed by the 60 /80 grit for an intermediate cut. 100 /120 grit is the perfect solution for a high end metal bond finishing wheel.

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