Hard Floor Film Self Adhesive Roll 1.0m x 100m, 100um


Hard Floor Film Self Adhesive Roll 1.0m x 100m, 100um Thickness


Self Adhesive Film - 10Kg roll, 1m x 100m Hard Floor.  100um Thickness General Purpose Film

Clear, heavy duty film customised for self-adhesive protection on hard floor surfaces. With a medium tack, our hard floor self adhesive film is designed for temporary surface protection of tile, marble, timber and vinyl surfaces. Easy to roll over stairs, as a walkway or for complete surface coverage, the film can be laid neat and tight against skirtings, around columns or over worktops and cabinets.

  •  Easily applied, being reverse rolled it is simply to roll out by hand, foot or the adhesive film applicator. A broom or squeegee can be used to assist in application if required.
  •  No tape or additional fixing is required
  •  Trip safe – stays securely in place and proven safe even through public thoroughfares
  •  Leaves no residue, technology designed to ensure adhesive remains on the product and doesn’t transfer to the protected surface upon removal (when correctly applied)
  •  Suitable for temporary protection on hard surfaces only
  •  Industrial strength — heavy duty film is puncture and tear resistant
  •  Impress your clients — show them you care. Greatly enhances your professional image
  •  Minimises your clean-up costs by preventing unnecessary soiling

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