Imer All in One Mortar and Render Screw Pump Imer Koin


Imer All in One Mortar and Render Screw Pump Imer Koine 4 (3 Phase)\r\n

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The Koine 4 Three Phase mortar pump and sprayer is a mixer & screw pump all contained in one unit. The Koine 4’s design allows you to pump and/ or spray pre-blended mortars without the need to mix the products first. The on-board water plant ensures the correct consistency is achieved for continuous pumping. Imer Koine 4 can be easily transported by breaking down the machine into four manageable components reducing the overall weight. The Koine 4 has a high flow output and is designed for fast mixing and pumping of materials such as acrylic render, construction grouts, floor levelling compounds and fireproofing products.


Higher than average motor power rate

Exclusive IMER diaphragm compressor

Self-priming water pump with stainless steel casing and brass impeller

Brass water system

Optimised electric control panel with one 18.5 kW oversized contactor

User Safety devices according to the latest CE standards


For mixing and spraying premixed materials in bags or from silo - limecement base plasters, gypsum, insulations, and conventional pre-blended renders

Standard Equipment: 

Electric diaphragm compressor

Self-priming water pump

Electric supply and control panel

Stator and Screw D6-3

4 m electric cable

4 m water hose

15 m hose for material Ø 25 with cam couplings

16 m air hose Ø 13 with Geka couplings

Accessory box with gun and connectors

Cleaning accessories (scraper and sponge)

Preset for self-levelling screed kit

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