Longopac Maxi Transperant Bag - 110m replacement pack


Longopac Maxi Transperant Bag - 110m replacement pack

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LONGOPAC MAXI WASTE BAG  – Continuous Bin Liner 110 metres Long 

This is probably the most efficient and environmentally friendly waste bag in the world.

Every bag is 100% full, half the thickness of a standard waste bag and three times the strength.

Average plastic savings are 70% and a third CO2 compared to traditional waste bags.

The bag cassette is manufactured from an extremely thin and strong 3-layer polyethylene material available in 6 colours, three sizes and 4 strengths.

Also available in; Odour Control, Biodegradable, Food, ESD, Sterile as well as 4 different strengths, 3 sizes and 6 colours

  • Ultra strong 3-ply polyethylene ensures low usage
  • Variable bag size always ensures bags are 100% full
  • Compact packages – refill is smaller than a shoe box, means lower transport costs!
  • Much stronger and thinner than traditional waste bags
  • 6 different colour liners available, choose from the range above
  • Strength / Size: Standard (110m) or strong (90m)
  • Ultra strong Clear (soft plastics) Yellow (mixed recycling) Red (general waste) Black (general waste) Green (food scraps) Blue (paper or glass).
    Length 110m



The Longopac Bagging System

Manufactured in Sweden for over 30 years, the unique Longopac solution is a flexible and continuous bagging system. Longopac is efficient, hygienic and environmentally friendly. Available in a wide variety of applications across countless industries. The system is an efficient method of handling waste, reducing labour and increasing recycling. – ideal for use in supermarkets, manufacturing, hospitals, food industry, hotels and the retail trade.

The unique Longopac solution is a flexible and continuous 110 metre bagging system. Available in 6 colours.

70% less plastic than a traditional waste bag.

Save Money with Longopac Continuous Bin LIner Bags

  • Variable sized bags are always 100% full – no bag wastage.
  • Reduce your bag usage by 6-7 times. Reduce waste collection costs.
  • Strong liners mean there is no need for double-bagging.
  • Rapid emptying and re-lining means improved productivity and reduced downtime.
  • The Maxi size holds 166% more volume than a standard liner. More waste disposal per bag = better value for money.
  • Reduces risk of staff illness and absentees, by improving hand hygiene. Less time wasted and less re-training costs.
  • Less risk of back injury claims as you unload the bin from the side, not the top – easy on your back.
  • Now available with a choice of liner cutter: scissor or safety cutter (Floor Standing Bins only).
  • Most hygienic bins in the world


Smarter Waste Handling That's Endlessly Clever

The endless bag technology ensures you only throw away the part of the bag you have filled. Creating the most environmentally friendly way to bag waste. Both ends of the bag are sealed and your new bag is always in place.

Longopac stands have been designed to suit sectors type. The range includes 15 types of stand, three different sizes and 6 variations of bag colour.

The Longopac bag cassette comes in a variety of strengths and colours.

Due to to the 3 ply layering the bag is 3 times stronger than a standard bag of the same thickness.

Available in, 

  • Black / Landfill Waste
  • Red / Landfill Waste 
  • Yellow / Mixed Recycling 
  • Green / Food Scraps 
  • Blue / Paper or Glass 

Watch the Longopac Bin Bag Replacement system in action, 

Longopac Bin Replacement Bin System, https://youtu.be/oV__xwfJu0Q

How Strong are the Longopac Bin Replacement liners? https://youtu.be/dCKns5acxHQ

Longpac Bin Easy Recycling system, https://youtu.be/064EzSJldxQ

How to Load a Longopac Cassette, https://youtu.be/QZ6zlGMtS3I 

Speedy Longopac Bag Change, https://youtu.be/qVU-orx7E6A

Step by Step - Assembly of Longopac Easy Recycling Bin frame, https://youtu.be/3Cyp0PO6aT8


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