Satellite 480 grinder diamond grinding plug 50mm

Morse Tapered 50mm Diamond grinding plug, 16/20 Grit


Morse Tapered 50mm Diamond grinding plug, 16/20 Grit, Hard bond, Black


Morse Tapered 5 mm Diamond grinding plug, 16/2 Grit, Hard bond, Grey • Use on soft concrete floor surfaces or very abrasive glues (carpet, vinyl, tile - etc) • Suits Satellite 48 ,  55 , 6 , 65 and 76 Concrete Floor Grinders also Terrco Grinding machines. Diamond Grinding Plugs provide high speed removing and resurfacing concrete surfaces , coatings, glues and epoxies, giving fast high speed removal. Plugs generally leave the surface more textured than diamond wheels. Diamond Plugs provide greater concentration of cutting pressure to the one area. Make your tough removal job easy - Discuss your project requirement with the Team at All Preparation Equipment today 18 422 992

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