Polivac Dominator SL1600 Ultra High Speed Electric Burnisher


Polivac Dominator SL1600 Ultra High Speed Electric Burnisher with 40cm Pad Holer (GAS205), 1500rpm, 1.6kw, 2 pole motor, passive vac system

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Polivac Dominator SL1600 Ultra High Speed Electric Burnisher 


When you want fast-set, full gloss, ‘wet look’ floors, you can rely on the legendary long life and reliability of the Polivac SL1600  Straight-Line Suction Floor Burnisher.

The ‘Dominator’ is specially designed for smaller areas. It delivers when speed and power is needed for difficult jobs.

Smooth, quiet operaton, flexible pad system and easy operation makes creating and maintaining that ‘wet look’ shine with this workhorse easier and faster than you thought possible.

All-Australian designed and built.

Warranty – 2 years on motor. 1 year on parts.

  • Designed for use in smaller and hard to maintain areas
  • Simple to use with very low maintenance 
  • Supplied complete with vacuum system o control dust
  • Easy and comfortable for the operator - well balance and highly manouverable  
  • Rachet leaver adjustable handle for simple and ergonomic use
  • Comfortable handles and safety triggers 
  • Low profile allows it to easily get in underneath benches or chairs 
  • Floating skirt to capture dust and allowing the vacuum system to leave the floor free of dust
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