Polyweave Protection Cover Roll - 16Kg


Polyweave Protection Cover Roll - 16Kg, 4.0m x 50m (thickness: 80gsm)


This double laminated polythene floor protector is woven for superior strength, durability and tear resistance. Recommended as a cost effective solution for all construction projects for surface protection on floor and wall surfaces. Our Polyweave is ideal for laying over finished floors and vertical surfaces during demolition, construction, or refurbishment; or as partitioning with our Zipwall spring loaded poles. • Easy application - simply roll out, cut to length and join where required with tape • Secure in place where required with adhesive tape • Slip resistant and waterproof, coated anti-slip for safety, provides a complete barrier against spills and wet foot traffic • Industrial strength, woven material gives increased strength • Suitable for both internal and external applications ''It’s a super product —and your service makes it even better!'' Jeff — Construction Contractor Used in refurbishment & fitout projects with Qantas , Virgin, Myer Centre, Woolworths, BAC, Westfield & more. ..

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