Portamix Pelican Hippo Transport Tipping Cart, 80L

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Portamix Pelican Hippo Mixer Cart, 80L

  • Holds a full Mega Hippo mix (6 x 2 kg bags)
  • Accurate pour control with large handle and defined pour spout
  • Easy to clean canister - flexible with no rims or edges
  • Castors with 'splatter guards' to ensure bearings remain cflean
  • Easy-roll manoeuvrability with all swivelling castors
  • Compact design for use through standard doorways

The PortaMix® Hippo Pelican, the ultimate transport cart takes you to the next level of performance. The ultimate transport cart to compliment the PortaMix® Mega Hippo Mixer. If you want to move it and pour it – The Pelican! Like The Mega Hippo mixer, the Pelican has a well-balanced design that allows one person to transport and pour with ease and precision, leaving The Mega Hippo mixer do what is does best, mixing.  

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