450mm spiked roller replacement

Replacement Spiked Roller 225mm x 31mm


Replacement 225mm x 31mm Spiked Roller - No Handle included only roller sleeve


Replacement Spiked Roller 225mm x 31mm - No Handle included only roller sleeve 

Floor coating application is not successfully completed until it has been deaerated. Fresh floor coatings must be spiked with a Bubblebuster® spiked roller during application. The operation of spiking also largely contributes to the leveling of certain types of flooring compounds.

Our Bubblebuster® Spiked Roller has become the brand that most contractors prefer for spiking coatings. Our rollers with 12mm spike are for all types of high build and self-leveling floor coatings. Our 12mm Super Sharp rollers are for fast setting coatings. Bubblebuster® spiked rollers with 31 mm spikes are for spiking floor overlays in excess of 4mm thick.

Bubblebuster® Spiked Rollers are available in a multitude of widths and are sold as complete assemblies with frames in standard form. Replacement roller refills are available in all widths.

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