Scabbler Triple Head with back handle


Scabbler Triple Head with back handle, 3 x TCT Heads, 2400 BPM, 4.7kg, 460mm long

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Trelawny's range of Construction Concrete Scabblers is the ideal option for roughing and reducing concrete. Available in single or triple versions, scabblers use compressed air to hammer the pistons onto concrete surfaces.

The Trelawny hand held scabblers are the ideal tools for roughing and preparing concrete in small areas such as concrete joints. With a simple and robust design, the Trelawny Construction Scabblers ensure low and easy maintenance while the though carbide tipped pistons allow fast production and long service life.


The SH3 Triple head scabblers are the ideal tools for roughening and preparing concrete in larger areas such as walls and columns.

The optional TVS® vacuum shroud allows the connection of an industrial dust collector for collecting nuisance and hazardous dust for protection of operators and environment.


  • 3 replaceable tough carbide tipped piston for fast production and long service life
  • Side handle for greater control
  • Can be used in two configurations for standard and in-line operation to aid access to prepare narrow joints
  • Optional short handle for accessing tight areas
  • Simple and robust design for low and easy maintenance


  • Removal of laitance
  • Roughening and exposing aggregate
  • Preparing joints and cracks
  • Removing existing coatings
  • Reduction and levelling
Weight (kg) 4.7
Width (mm) 155
Working Height (mm) 220
Blows per Minute (BPM) 2800 x 3
Air Consumption (lps - cfm) 7.5 - 16
Noise Level (db (A)) 98.5
Vibration Level (Aeq m/s2) 41.6
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